Stylishly dressed for spring.

    World of Vertigo

    "A sustainable vision of fashion and business"

    The world is changing, that much is clear.  Fashion changes too, just like the way we shop. Change always brings uncertainty and then salvation and perspective may provide the necessary guidance.
    World of Vertigo

    "It's all about emotion. Passion!"

    Frédéric and Sébastien Suber look a bit like racing drivers from days gone by. Jacky Ickx. Jochen Rindt. Jim Clark. Guiseppe Farina. Fangio. Son and father would fit stylistically into that list
    World of Vertigo

    The personality of linen

    Linen has very diverse applications. From book bindings, via painting canvases and curtains, to the contemporary and trendy shirts you will find at Vertigo. One characteristic underlies this

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A: Albert I laan 171
8620 Nieuwpoort
T: 058 20 00 01

Opening hours

From Saturday 27 March to Saturday 24 April, our shop is open every day (except Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays) by appointment between 10:00 and 17:30.

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