Our philosophy

Sustainability through slowness

At Vertigo, we opt for timeless pieces and we are great advocates of shopping slower, both literally and figuratively.  Slowly: deliberately but slowly.  For too long, 'slow' has been a kind of sinful concept, while slow allows you to taste more and taste better.  So with us, no rat race and no quick succession of fashion seasons and collections.  But slowness to strive for peace in the future.  And for a timeless sustainable clothing style.

A valuable return to basics

Sustainability is not a fashion trend for Vertigo, but a conscious return to basics.  Back then, clothing had to keep us healthy by protecting our body from the elements.  Our skin is a large organ that works like a sponge.   Clothes that are treated chemically, or coloured and washed in an aggressive and unnatural way, are a direct attack on our health.  Not only during the production process but also when the clothes are worn every day.  A greater awareness of the origin of our clothes, their authenticity and naturalness, automatically leads to a greater value.  Something only becomes valuable if there is a story attached to it, if - as the word says - certain values are linked to it.  At Vertigo, we like to introduce you to this genuine, natural and valuable timeless clothing.